Holiday Gift Guide: For the Groom

I totally didn’t want to forget about The Groom who deserves to be spoiled during the holidays as well! A lot of times we forget all the stress that comes with being a groom, and the holidays are a great time to make them feel loved and sneak in some things they might need for the wedding day as well (win-win, amIright?!). 

I believe that gifts should always be specific to the person, but also have a practical use, which is why I’m sharing the gift guide with you this year (and I think it needs to be a yearly thing too right?!).   

I encourage you to keep looking over the next few weeks, as prices will drop on these items, and of course you need to jump on it if so. Shopping for anyone can be difficult because we all have different tastes, so I went straight to the closest source I could find, which was my husband, Rob, and he gave me the 411 on a few gifts that he would be happy with for the holiday season (and I mean, once you read this list you will see why he said it – he must be under the assumption that he was REALLY GOOD this year, ha!). 

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Manscaped – Okay, but listen, this is hands down THE BEST GIFT I ever bought Rob, so I’m sharing it with you now. MANSCAPED is all about helping guys stay groomed in all the right places, and the product lineup is amazing (and smells incredible plus is all PH balancing!). Rob tells everyone he can about this company, and the products are part of his daily lineup.  His favorite product is The Lawn Mower trimmer, because it gets a really clean shave without any nicks and cuts, which is always good. Listen, just trust me, this is hands down the best investment you’ll make in male grooming products this year – TRUST ME! 

Gucci cuffs – Your groom is going to need some amazing cuffs to go with that tux right?! Why not go all out and get the Gucci cuffs?! What I love about these is they will be completely timeless, and become another family heirloom that you can keep forever. Seriously, imagine generations down the line still holding on to your sweet groom’s cufflinks? It’s a good look.  

Tom Ford Sunnies – After the wedding it’s time for the honeymoon, and to send your groom off in style, why not grab him a pair of Tom Ford sunnies, and make his GQ look perfected. I love these because of the wrap around “T” on the sides, and they’re sturdily built – yes I have a thing about whimsy feeling sunnies.  Don’t tell, but this might be on my list of things to grab for Rob this holiday (we can at least pretend we’re going on our honeymoon again, right!?) 

Apple watch – I got help from Rob on this one, because it’s pretty high up on his wishlist.  The new Apple Watch is sleeker and sportier than ever, making it a hit for your groom (although we 100% will not let him wear it on wedding day, don’t worry!).  As far as an everyday acquaintance, it’s a great choice.  What Rob loves about it is even though he works from home, he finds the activity monitor really important to his mental health, as the watch reminds him to get up and move, take a breath, and more. He also really loves having access to his notifications on the go, and now that it’s connected to our cell plan, he doesn’t necessarily have to have his phone on him to answer calls.  It’s a win-win in his book! Don’t forget you can also trade in your old apple watch and get money applied towards your new apple watch at participating retailers! 
Sony PS5 – Not sure if your groom is a gamer like mine, but if they are, then the PS5 is pretty high up on every Sony users wishlist (sorry Xboxers – Rob is #TeamPlaystation!). I’m pretty sure I’m on every waitlist for this thing just in case, but I’ll likely default to the Apple Watch if it sells out in advance.  This PS5 will have ultra high speed SSD which basically means that you can get near instant load times for games – a really huge upgrade. There’s 4K TV gaming which means super clear graphics and imaging.

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