If you've been looking for a consultant that knows how to identify the pain points and set you on a direction that makes sense for where you are in your personal life and business, all while holding you accountable to do said work - meet your dream consultant - let's go to work. 

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You're in the right place at the right time to pursue your dreams.

Together, you and I will dig deep into who you are as a person first, how to develop that out into your work, and finally how to remain honest to your artistry but lead with a keen business sense that leaves you fulfilled emotionally, physically, and financially.  I put the accountability on you, while still giving you that big sister energy that you need to kick you into gear and get you ready to show up as the version of you that makes you the most proud. 

Nothing that I teach you will work without you also doing the work.

i help artists develop their vision and fall in love with their businesses again

A refined eye trained to develop your artistry - the root of it all


No fluff, straight shooter approach to fast track you on your journey


A former teacher who knows how to effectively "teach"


What Makes Sacia Different

work with SACIA

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If you're ready to reset, define, and expand in your artistry, this is the program for you. 

Next round: April 2024

Come spend a month with Sacia in a group of 10-15 creatives where we will follow a curriculum that is anchored in developing our artistry further.  Each week is themed around infusing artistry into our personal lives and business, and culminates with a project that will help expand your eye and open you up to the life of an artist.

The Artistry Reset

Group coaching

For the creative that needs individualized time and accountability, this is the best way to have my undivided attention. 

Sacia offers hourly virtual consultations where she will strategize with you in a 1:1 setting.  Each client will walk away with a game plan and all their questions answered in these open book, no gatekeeping allowed sessions. 

Virtual meetings begin at $350/hr. 

1:1 Virtual Meetings

1:1 Connection

Let Sacia's refined eye help you develop your approach in reaching your target audience and help you showcase your superpower.

One of the biggest deterrents for our ideal clients is not making them feel seen and heard, which begins the moment they enter our space (our portfolio, website, socials, etc.).  Together we will take a deep dive into your site, socials, and/or collateral and find the places we can strengthen, highlight what's working, and create a plan to keep you consistent. 

Web/Social Audits


- Jess Onesto, Photographer

Sacia's Artistry Reset coaching is the real dang deal. Yes, a reset for artists, but for me, it was a full reCHARGE. The last few years have been creatively draining for me, and one month with Sacia's coaching re-ignited the spark that I felt was dwindling. Be prepared to do some deep personal work and, through that, find clarity, encouragement, and inspiration. (*cue the lightbulb moments*).  This coaching program is grounding and centering and a breath of fresh air. 

Her coaching style is unique in that rather than simply sharing what works for her, she guides you to a path that feels aligned and tailor-made for the artist and creator you are.



— Crystal Williams, Photographer

Her Artistry Reset is about answering the hard questions to figure out who you want to be as a person, business owner, and artist. I went through this entire month with my head spinning, digging deep, and having much needed light bulb moments. It was the spark I needed and kind of permission to lean into this shift I’ve been craving as an artist. And with the intimate, small group of other artists, it brought new connections. I can’t wait to take on the new year and this new journey of my business with the tools Sacia has given us. 

I always enjoy learning from Sacia. She truly pours into what she offers people, but this was so much more in the best of ways.



— Haley Foster, Photographer

In a world of quick-fix and one-size-fits-all education, Sacia brings something so incredibly valuable to the table. Her ability to challenge, inspire and guide others to a higher level of success and creativity is unparalleled! The coaching and education experience she provides goes so far beyond the surface level, digging deep and helping her students to elevate their mindset, find their creative voice, and craft a bold, unique brand. 

Her ability to challenge, inspire and guide others to a higher level of success and creativity is unparalleled! 



You don't have to figure all of this out on your own.  Together, we will elevate in your artistry, create a strategy that fits for where you are in your life and business, and collectively strengthen your approach to your art and the deliverables to your clients. 

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