Vogue obsessed, coastal living, Rosé sipping, travel enthusiast. 

Hi, I'm Sacia (say-sha)! I'm so glad you're here.  My story is not a traditional one, but who has those anyways anymore!? I'm a former high school English teacher, with four years under my belt, and decided to step out on faith and become a wedding photographer. 

 I left my job mid-year because I had conviction that something greater was ahead. God truly had a plan. I knew I was made to serve others.  Everyone except my husband thought I was crazy to leave a safe, stable job, but it's been the best decision of my life to pursue this business.  I'm able to love on sweet couples, meet amazing families, and capture love in its purest form. Amazing! 

I've even been fortunate to have my work published on Martha Stewart Weddings, Charleston Weddings, Wedding Chicks, and Ruffled to name a few publications! 

Now, I'm a wife, a dog mama to the cutest English Bulldog, Duke, and a lover of all things classic, romantic, and fun.  Traveling with my husband (who's usually my second shooter!) around the world is the best, and we are always down for taco and margarita nights, while trash talking The Bachelor...isn't everyone?! We're best friends, and I bring that same loving energy to every single wedding day!


I believe in celebrating the moments you feel the most like yourself.

Have you ever attended a wedding that made you feel super uncomfortable, or like you were scared to touch any of the china? We hate that feeling around here.  Shouldn't your wedding day be a day that's all about celebrating your story and commitment, and bridging your life together with the people that love you most!?

I wanted to create a photography concept that felt luxurious and beautiful, but I wanted our couples to completely feel like themselves. I wanted them to laugh, smile, dance, be intimate, and show the best parts of themselves, without compromising on the elegance of the day.  Please jump on a call with me, and let's chat about how we can make that a reality for your wedding day as well!

Quick Facts

for the skimmers

I'd rather be

On vacation

Her enneagram type

Type 2, Wing 3

starbucks order

Matcha Green Tea Latte w/ 2 pumps of vanilla

Drink of choice


favorite show

The Office


Chrissy Teigan

guilty pleasure

The Bachelor

take my money


secret talent


city or beach



Travel Planning

weekend plans



The Office



secret talent


listening to


guilty pleasure

The Bachelor / Love Island

take my money



Travel Planning

weekend plans


a few more things you should know: 

Color radiates joy, and we love capturing joy! It's kind of totally #onbrand.  Non-traditional wedding colors make our hearts skip a beat - hot pink? Yes, please!

I live by zero color rules.

I hold strong to the fact that love is all we need, and love can change the world. It's the most powerful force, and I think it's so awesome that I get to document that between two people!

Love can truly change the world.

no 2

I love everything about shooting and styling details.  I think they truly craft your wedding day album, and create the best kind of first impression to your wedding day!

Details, details, and did I mention more details?

No 1

no 3

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

 we believe

Print your photos, create albums, plaster them EVERYWHERE! These are real memories, don't just use them as a phone backdrop!

There's few things a glass of Prosecco can't fix.

Self - explanatory.

 we believe

Your wedding day should be surrounded by the people that love you.

The hug from your mama, your best friend since high school, the people that crafted you into who you are today...let's show them off. 

 we believe


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