Holiday Gift Guide: For the Bride

Holiday shopping while wedding planning can be tricky, because you’ve probably got registry after registry already spinning, and you have no idea where to look or what to ask for. I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite gifts to ask for during this holiday season with the bride in mind! 

I believe that gifts should always be specific to the person, but also have a practical use, which is why I’m sharing the gift guide with you this year (and I think it needs to be a yearly thing too right?!).   

I encourage you to keep looking over the next few weeks, as prices will drop on these items, and of course you need to jump on it if so. Shopping for brides can be a challenge also because you don’t want to load them up on a bunch of bridal stuff that they’ll never use again after the wedding, so I’ve thought ahead for real, practical gifts you can ask for or gift to the special bride in your life! 


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A pre-wedding getaway to Old Edwards Inn – I’m a huge believer in experiences over gifts personally, so I wanted to include an experience on these guides.  A pre-wedding getaway is SUCH a good idea – yes, even before the honeymoon.  Leading up to the big day you’ll have so many obligations, and meetings, it can be easy to forget all the fun ahead of you. Taking a weekend with your partner to decompress is really important, and I’m not sure there’s a better place than tucked away in the mountains at Old Edwards Inn.  The entire property is gorgeous, and the accommodations are varied, but being in this serene place will put you right back in the romantic mood that makes you remember why the heck you’re planning this wedding anyways! 

Nadri Chloe Earrings – I’m completely crushing on these Nadri Chloe earrings for my brides this year! The floating diamond appearance is so gorgeous, and I love a good teardrop shape, when the fashion allows for it to have its moment. Even if not for your wedding, these are such a great pair for boudoir sessions, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower – basically, these can have a moment anywhere, and a great pickup for that! 

Le Creuset Dutch Oven – If you don’t have this on your registry, I’m going to implore you to get this on your holiday list! This dutch oven is definitely the holy grail, and if you don’t cook and your fiance does, then grab it for them, seriously! A longstanding tradition of excellence in cookware, Le Creuset is the leader with their enameled cast iron cooking tools, and you will become hostess with the mostest in no time when you have this in your kitchen arsenal! 

Gucci Disco Leather Bag – This is another bag that’s on my gift list this year! I love the Gucci Disco bag, it’s so practical for every day wear, and the perfect neutral.  I don’t really carry large purses or bags anymore, as I’m trying to reserve my back and shoulders, so this bag makes me happy to throw on to run to a quick meeting, take with you for your rehearsal dinner or bridal shower, date night with Rob, or out with my friends for happy hour (wow, I guess these are all things we did pre-COVID, right!?)! 

iPad Pro – The iPad is a staple for me! I don’t think I could live without my iPad pro. It serves as an amazing in-between for my phone and desktop, which is probably why I love it so much.  The 4th gen iPad pro has an incredible battery life, making it perfect for on-the-go, and it’s so easy to just throw in a tote or backpack when needed versus a computer + bulkier charger.  If you haven’t added the iPad in, I’d highly recommend you go ahead and add it to your list – especially because this holiday season prices are supposed to be lower than ever on this product this holiday season!

 PS -Just make sure to never take this bad boy to a wedding…PLEASE. 

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