Holiday Gift Guide: For the Creative

November 17, 2020

Sacia Matthews

I love the holiday season, mostly because I love seeing other people be surprised by the gifts they love! The holiday gift guide for the creative has some serious gems for you to gift yourself, or the special creative that’s in your life this year! I’ve got a three-part series your way with gifts for the special creative in your life, gifts for the bride, and gifts for the groom.  

I believe that gifts should always be specific to the person, but also have a practical use, which is why I’m sharing the gift guide with you this year (and I think it needs to be a yearly thing too right?!).   

I encourage you to keep looking over the next few weeks, as prices will drop on these items, and of course you need to jump on it if so. 

Since we’re talking about creatives, I’ll say that when thinking about gifts for them, think about tech that can help them work easier, think about practical items they can keep near/around them throughout the work day, as many creatives work from home and/or from studios/on location.  Shopping for creatives can be a challenge, but don’t overthink it. Typically, we are WAY more practical than anything else, and just like tools that genuinely make our lives easier, which is what this gift guide is all about! 


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  • Apple AirPods – I am seriously crushing on AirPods after saying for so long that I would never have a need for them. AirPods are seriously amazing for listening to music during the workday without interrupting others (cough, all of us working from home with our spouses now!), and on top of that, if getting in shape is on your list for 2021 (it’s a recurring item on my list every year!) then you definitely need these for all the tunes, podcasts, audiobooks – whatever you’ll be listening to during that 3 mile run! 
  • Diptyque Candle – Believe it or not, I seriously think that candles can help with productivity.  Who doesn’t want to work in a space that doesn’t smell good!? I was introduced to Diptyque Candles earlier this year, and now I own three. They are seriously that good. This “Berries” candle smells like heaven, and I love lighting it when I get in my office every day! 
  • Cheeseboard – Quarantine has totally opened my eyes to the beauty of at home charcuterie setups, and this cheeseboard is totally on my wishlist. I love monogrammed anything (call me southern, I suppose), but this one is seriously SO cute, and fits all the aesthetics I love – marble, beveled edges, monogram, this one is a must-have! 
  • Blue light glasses – I’m a believer in blue light glasses now, after suffering through headaches over the last few months of being glued to my computer.  Wearing blue light glasses totally helps with this, and my headaches reduced dramatically.    My blue light glasses still have to be chic though, and this Felix Gray pair hits all my checkboxes this year to earn a spot on the gift guide for creatives! 
  • Kopi Mug & Warmer Set – Okay listen, remember I said gifts for creatives should DEFINITELY be practical? This is like – number one, actually, I should have started here.  The Kopi Mug and warmer set will keep your drinks WARM during the day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started my day thinking I’d get to sit down and enjoy my coffee while casually scrolling my email, and next thing you know I’ve had two calls and answered 8 e-mails and didn’t even touch my coffee…now I’ve got to re-warm it, ugh.  This set eliminates that issue and will keep your drink warm for a large portion of the day (some reviews say up to 8 hours, I find the sweet spot to be 5-6 hours!). 

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