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October 29, 2020

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A question I often get is “where do you get your styling mats!” If you ask a handful of photographers, you will get a handful of different answers. Some photographers prefer just yards of fabric, some prefer boards, some prefer mats.  You should definitely choose what works best for you and your wedding day process. 

For me, I’m a huge fan of canvas mats.  I love that they’re rollable (important for me as I travel), as long as they stay rolled correctly, they don’t wrinkle either.  Also, I love that they feel completely custom to me. No two painted canvas mats are the same, and that’s important for me as I love for my details to equally feel custom to my clients. 

I’ve accumulated quite a few over the years, and because I do the pre-work of learning all about my clients wedding days, I know exactly which mat to bring and why every single time. 

There are two shops I frequent, and both of them are out of this world amazing.  They both care so deeply about their clients, and they are worth the investment! 

Elysian Market 

I have to thank my friend Rachel for introducing me to Elysian Market, owned by Kaitlin! Kaitlin is a true artist in every sense of the word, and for every ounce of talent she has, the size of her heart matches it tenfold.  She pours her heart and energy into every mat she designs, making sure that you are getting a true work of art that is inspired by stories, journeys, and people.  Kaitlin releases collections regularly that always have some kind of inspiration behind them that truly draws you in.  She also does custom mats, and while I haven’t done one yet, I can guarantee you that when I do, it will be insanely magical. I highly recommend Elysian Market for all of your styling mat needs! 

Styling UnMatched 

I also truly love Styling Unmatched which can be found on Etsy and IG! I love the fun designs that this shop creates, and the mats are this amazing canvas that is so easy to roll out and lay flat! I absolutely love how this shop focuses on bold colors, as it makes styling that much more fun when the surface is fun. I always feel inspired when I use my styling unmatched styling surface, and I ALWAYS get someone asking me where I found it.  

Want to know more about my styling details process? Make sure you download my free quick-guide for styling details, including what my must-haves are for my styling kit!

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  1. Thank you so much for all the love and support!! Your photos are always absolutely stunning!! I really appreciate you valuing the time, energy, and love that goes into creating my Art Styling Surfaces! So grateful for you and our friendship 😭💕!

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