Styling Fashion Accessories

Did you know that my favorite details to style are in fact NOT paper goods? Okay, let me backup. I love styling paper goods, but what I’ve learned this year is that I really love styling fashion accessories. This has become especially true since I understood that they typically shouldn’t be styled with paper goods. In most cases, it just doesn’t make sense with the storytelling element.

I love styling the jewelry, the shoes, and the fashion elements, because they were chosen for a reason. PLUS they are typically selected based on the style of the wedding, which is the easiest way for you to start visualizing how to style their details.  

Lately I’ve seen quite a few photographers who basically style their details the exact same way every single time. This isn’t a huge deal, until you style a clients details in a garden style with flowers exploding from every corner, for a client getting married in an industrial setting that’s centered around minimalism. You see how that could be confusing when creating a cohesive gallery that actually tells the story of the wedding day? 

I’m sharing my favorite fashion accessories styled as of late, and to serve as a little inspiration for you as well.  

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