My Favorite Boudoir Products 

One of the reasons I love boudoir so much is because there’s so many ways that you can present your final images, and each one gets better and better. I’m going to share with you the three products that are our current best-sellers and all-time favorites, and why you should grab them for your boudoir collections as well! 

The Luxury Album 

Mostly all of our boudoir clients want the luxury album. This album is a layflat design, with ultra-thick pages, and a nice matted sheen for each image.  There is something incredible about opening the album and seeing yourself on the images.  For our brides, they typically give this to their partner the day before their wedding, before they part ways for the night.  What a fun gift for the recipient to have on hand, and then you get to gush about it the next day too! 

The Box Of Prints 

Can I let you in on a secret? One of my favorite boudoir products from my own session is the fine art prints that I have of my images.  Enclosed in a gorgeous glass box, you’ll have these gorgeous, luxury prints that you can flip through whenever you want. I always encourage our boudoir clients to add on a box of prints, because nothing is better than having the tangible results of your boudoir session in your hands, and the gorgeous case it comes in will definitely make you want to house them somewhere gorgeous in your home. 

The Viewfinder 

My all-time favorite boudoir product?! THE VIEWFINDER hands down.  It is SO cool to have your images in a vintage viewfinder, and I can 12/10 confirm that the recipients love it too.  In terms of a gift it’s so nice because it’s a product that they can actually get on the wedding day and no one else around knows what they’re looking at.  Even more? It can inconspicuously sit out in your home, and is a private secret between the two of you. I highly recommend adding the viewfinder onto your session! 

There are so many amazing product offerings when you book your Charleston boudoir session, but most importantly, I want you to understand that your images are so much more deserving than sitting in an online gallery. Let’s get the products of your dreams and create something completely custom and heirloom to you and your story – head here to start this journey together!

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