COVID-19: A Lesson In Intentionality

When the US shut down for the global COVID-19 pandemic in March, I don’t think any of us had a clue what the future had in store. I think many had the mindset that it would blow over quickly. When it didn’t, basically the entire wedding industry (and others, of course) was left in tailspin.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately, especially now that I am finally able to do in-person photography again. I think our world is forever changed by this period, but I want to focus on the ways I have changed for the better.

So how has COVID-19 changed me? It’s made me focus on the intentional. This time has been so wild for everyone, and so many missed moments of celebrations for the sake of being safe. Because of this, I approach wedding days now wanting to make sure as many people as possible can be photographed, and that these days aren’t taken for granted again.

It’s made me be more intentional as an artist. In having to stay further away from others, I’ve had to get more creative with composition and how I frame an image. This is a skill I went into this year wanting to be stronger with, and this has definitely helped my approach.

So beyond that, what can current and future clients expect from my safety protocol?

COVID-19 Photoshoot Protocol

1 – Fully masked when engaging with clients / family members.

 2 – Sadly, no hugs / handshakes – but all about the air hug!

3 – Using sanitizer as much as possible.

4 – My equipment stays on harness straps so I don’t have to sit down on any surfaces.

5 – Always at minimum 6 – 10 ft away from people, unless I have permission from you to get a tiny bit closer for close up shots, but limiting even that at this time.

How has COVID changed your work? Head to my Instagram and share in the comments. Let’s use this opportunity to reframe the negative into a positive!

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