Groom’s Details You Can’t Miss on Wedding Day

So often when we discuss styling details, we totally forget about the grooms details – you can’t miss those! We love our dapper, stylish grooms, and I wanted to take some time to give you some inspo of what groom’s details to have available on wedding day. For my photographer friends – make sure you don’t miss these!

The Accessories 

The accessories can be anything from the ring, watch, cuff-links, socks, bowties – anything sentimental to the groom. Make sure you have these items prioritized, and take several variations of them styled together, and separately, if possible! 

The Shoes

The groom usually has super stylish shoes for the wedding day – I mean this IS the time to make a statement! Make sure that groom’s shoes are polished, tied neatly (if applicable), and take a variety of shots to make sure we catch all the best angles.

Family Heirlooms

Sometimes the groom has his own family heirlooms. This might be a special bottle of Bourbon or Champagne, or handkerchiefs that have been handed down.  Make sure you ask the groom for this info prior to the wedding day!

The Groom’s Boutonniere 

If you can’t get all of the boutonnieres, definitely grab the groom’s bout. It’ll make a great floral to pair with his items that let’s you know that image is all about the groom!

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