2020 Recap + Thank You!

In my last act of practicing gratitude in 2020, I wanted to thank all of you for being on this venture with me.  So much has changed this year, so much lost and gained, but one thing that has remained is your constant love and support, and that seriously means the world.  

My business has been bending for a while – going in so many different directions – but finally I know the clear vision in which Sacia Matthews is going, and exactly how we’re going to get there.  I’m excited to share this journey with each of you, and have you alongside for the ride. 

Thank you to the people who stepped in as mentors, thank you to the team behind the scenes that make everything possible – allowing me to feel like a superhuman, when really it’s you that help me shine.  I also thank every trusting client, mentee, and student that have walked into my life the last few years – it’s been quite the experience, made so much better because you were part of it. 

I wanted to quickly just share some images and highlights of the clients we’ve worked with this year that have made this the most memorable year yet!


We walked into this year so excited, and hopeful! I had back surgery which took up most of my January to recover, and yes, we literally only survived because of all the uber eats gift cards people sent – bless them for knowing Rob could not cook every single day.  Everyone stepped up and rallied around us.  Before surgery, I got to spend time with Mr. and Mrs. Tobin and Victoria and Taylor, which made it all worth it – and I had something exciting to look forward to when I got back on my feet – editing!


Fun month here – we got to go on vacation (I was not missing our yearly Caribbean getaway due to surgery, ha!)! We went away for nine days to St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Bahamas, and a few days in Miami. We had the best time. We always do a winter getaway to relax, and a nod to our original honeymoon which was during this time.  Although in 2021 we won’t be doing excess travel, we already have the 2022 trip on the books and cannot WAIT to get back out on vacay! I also got to do round two of portraits for Kiaya and Aaron before their wedding the next month!


Our birthday months, and the month that the world turned upside down.  There was so much good news this month, both of our March weddings would be picked up by Martha Stewart Weddings – a complete and total PINCH ME moment! You all know how much perspective has changed since then, but this was seriously such a bittersweet month. We had another couple have to cancel their nuptials the week of their wedding (the Mccollough Wedding) and countless others moving forward that had to make the same decision to cancel or postpone their weddings. 


This was the first April since starting this business that I was not completely booked the entire month – crazy. I didn’t have anything booked for this month, as each client moved their weddings to later in the year or postponed until next year. This was a scary time, but thank God, E3 walked into my life, and changed my perspective from loss to gratitude.  I know I’ve already talked with you about this group, but it seriously was such a blessing over myself and my business.  I buried myself in work, and began the process of rebranding!


The intimate weddings and elopements began to start rolling in, and as scary as it was to walk through this process, it was exciting to feel love starting again ! Our couples were having to get creative, as there were still SO many restrictions in place. This meant lots of parents/siblings only weddings and even a few with Zoom calls involved!


Usually, we take these months off because it’s just too dang hot, but this summer we got to do some fun engagement sessions and very, very small elopements.  Although it was a brutally hot summer, it was so nice to be around people who just wanted to have their stories captured, even in the midst of a pandemic.  I was even able to get a session in with The Pink Figgy – and I think we all know my obsession with her!


This was another slow month, but I was able to share in one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever had the honor of capturing.  Hannah and Ali’s wedding was so sweet at Lowndes Grove (seen here on Carats and Cake) and I loved being part of it.  These two were separated a continent apart with Hannah being here in the states, and Ali being in the UK.  Somehow they were able to bring it back together, and were wed at Lowndes Grove after pulling the entire event together in ONE MONTH.  Shoutout to We Do! Charleston for being the real MVP’s of this wedding, and making it magical – even though it down-poured almost the entire time. You can’t tell it was even raining because these two were so in love!

I also got to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Walker, another couple that had to cancel their big plans and plan something small, also in under a months time. I’m still swooning over the gorgeous florals that Lauren with Tupelo Honey Flower Shop created for them! 


I used this month to really lean into the boudoir side of my business and it was worth it! Hello! Have you seen Angela’s session? This session really lit a fire under me, and made me realize that boudoir is such a huge part of my life, and I want it to be a huge part of my business.  There is so much good to come with boudoir, and I thank Angela for being so vulnerable and letting me share her story! 


October was so fun! My sweet friend Emily’s baby turned ONE! And I got to capture all the fun details, plus my Hannah Kate in Savannah.  We stayed pretty socially distant, but I will be honest, I got a few hugs and cuddles in before I left – PS have you seen a cuter birthday party?!

I also got to celebrate Courtney and Rob’s gorgeous Hilton Head Wedding. These two are from California, and after having to reschedule their wedding plans from back in May, they decided to go all out with their intimate October beach wedding. One thing I’ll never forget? As soon as these two said I do, the sky fell out! We were all running away as soon as their first kiss was over – talk about a little drama! 


This month, I decided to focus on the good, and finish out the year strong by creating the details course, and really focusing in on what the future looks like! I’m so excited to share more over the next few months of what’s to come. Another exciting feat? I received the Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars award, and it was validation to me that good things are to come – trust the process.


That brings us to today, the now. I’m so excited to end the year with a humble, grateful heart, and a reminder of all the good that came our way this year.  Again, thank you to every single person who has made this year a true success in the face of uncertainty. I could NOT have done this without you! 

So, I raise a glass to you friends. Let’s make 2021 the best year yet. Let’s beat the odds. Let’s cheer each other on. Let’s lift the underdogs.  Let’s make ourselves proud, and carry on! 



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