5 Ways To Prep For Your Boudoir Session

September 24, 2020

Sacia Matthews

We’ve talked before about our boudoir prep guide, and today I’m sharing with everyone the five best ways to prep for a boudoir session.  Some of these tips tend to be surprising, so I’m curious to know if anyone else has used these before their own boudoir session and what the outcome was. 


Water is so important before your boudoir session, especially in the 24-48 hours leading up to it.  The night before you’ll want to avoid any alcohol and drink as much water as you can so your skin literally glows! I’m not an avid water drinker, but trust me – it will pay off when your skin is literally popping! 


Definitely get your nails done.  Your hands are a huge focus of any boudoir session, and the worst thing is not having them at least painted, or having chipped polish.  Take the time to go get your nails done for this special day! 


Oftentimes our clients are surprised that we want a darker/smokier look for your makeup.  The reason is that it gives a softer, sultrier look to your images, and the heavier makeup insures you look like a total queen during your boudoir session! The camera loves a good makeup beat, and if you go too light, it won’t show as well on camera as it looks in real life! Trust the professionals here! And if you’re using a makeup artist that your photographer is not familiar with, make sure you tell them that it’s for a boudoir session and you want to go a little heavier than normal.  I promise you won’t have raccoon eyes! 


You’ll want to avoid wearing any clothing on your session date that leaves marks/impressions on your skin on the day of.  This includes bras, tight clothing, etc., as this will make sure your skin is as clear and perfect as can be. 


You’ll definitely want to stretch before your boudoir session! Why? You want to be as flexible as possible so you can arch your back and do all the movements.  Many clients compare this to a yoga class with all of the posing that you’ll be doing, and the images come out so much better when you flex a little before your time! 

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