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February 25, 2020

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Ya’ll. I seriously can’t believe I haven’t share this session with you yet. I have been coveting this session with my life, because I truly can’t believe that it came true in 2018!

I had a session in Philly, and wanted to jet over to NYC with my mama! I thought, what’s a good trip to NYC without a session right?! Soooo, I hit up my sweet friend Belle (check out her fashion blog here – she’s a GODDESS, yall) who I went to high school with in Charlotte, NC!

She had this gorgeous couture gown she wore for her own NYC wedding made by designer Christian Siriano and her dapper groom wore a stunning black tux, and we headed up to their rooftop for a little privacy, and some gorgeous NYC views. Ya’ll, I was in heaven. I would 10x over move to NYC if only I wouldn’t have to stay in the snow and cold weather (hence my obsession with Cali!).

For now, I’ll have to stick to engagement/anniversary sessions, weddings, and personal trips for now to NYC, but if ya’ll ever want to jet up there for some stunning photos, I’m your girl – NO SERIOUSLY, LET’S GO TO NYC TOGETHER.

Enjoy these snaps of two actual models in real human bodies!!!!!! Thank you Belle and Brendan for making this session come true. I <3 NYC!

I always love to take an intentional blur photo! So artistic and dreamy!

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