20’s Inspired Wedding at The William Aiken House

C+J’s Wedding Day at The William Aiken House

C+J’s wedding day at The William Aiken House was full of modern 20’s inspiration and was expertly designed by Kylie with KG Weddings and Events. We had so much fun with these two who were totally focused on being with each other and with their guests, making it easy to soulfully tell their story and capture the moments as they unfolded.

For C+J’s William Aiken House wedding, they didn’t want their day to be dictated by a checklist or “things to do.” C+J were very much focused on partying and living out their perfect day with their families. Fortunately, those are just the kind of clients we get along best with, so we were able to walk through their day with a minimum amount of staged photo time, and more time focused on documenting the day the way it naturally unfolded.

The William Aiken House – Charleston, South Carolina

Personally, we love The William Aiken House for its convenient downtown Charleston location, making it the perfect place to give your guests a classic Charleston experience. From the historic home in the middle of one of the best downtown streets to the amazing team that will execute your event flawlessly, you can’t go wrong with The William Aiken House.

As soon as your guests leave The William Aiken House, you could easily whisk them away to an afterparty at one of the many locations to host on King Street or head straight to one of the amazing bars or restaurants for a bite to eat. Although, you likely won’t be full with PPHG’s amazing culinary staff on your side. We’re big fans of their food, and your guests will love eating on uniquely Charleston/southern dishes, or even more enjoying their late-night bites which are probably the best in the city! Imagine passing out sliders and fries, or even boozy desserts to your guests as they are rocking away to the band – an incredible time!

Enjoy C+J’s wedding day, and if you are getting married at The William Aiken House, we’d love to hear more about your wedding day, and how we can preserve your day in style.

C+J Vendor Team at The William Aiken House

Planner/Designer – KG Weddings + Events

Florist – Wisteria Designs

Venue – The William Aiken House

Hair/Makeup – Strawberry Blonde

Rentals – Snyder Events

Band – Emerald Empire

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