When to Pivot

This year has been tough on the world, and even more so on the wedding industry.  Listen, every year around this time it gets rough because the weddings have piled on, there’s a million things going on, and every year you say, “I’ll never be this busy in the fall again,” and inevitably it happens, because we LOVE people. 

But what about when there’s federal and state mandates that say you CAN’T do what you love? You CAN’T be at weddings. Well, it gets even tougher. 

In 2020, I knew that my business could not sustain “normal” anymore. It was time to pivot. And you know what was awesome? I saw people pivoting around me, and growing, and being happy, and it inspired me.  From this, new ideas bloomed, I felt in control of my life, and I felt in control of my business again.   

I was feeling so exhausted, and to be honest, was ready to step away from weddings. I knew it was time to pivot. I know many of you have heard the little whisper in your head as well, you know it’s time to pivot. I’m going to share with you three ways to know it’s time to pivot, AND I’ve developed a little guide for you to do some work yourself and figure out what it’s time to pivot into! 

You feel completely burnt out

Listen, you don’t have to explain burnout to me. I quit my teaching job mid-year because I knew I was doing a disservice to my students by showing up every day burnt out. I knew it was time to pivot, and I did. I’m asking you to listen to that same voice as well.  You are not doing your clients nor yourself any favors by continuing to stay in this cycle. 

You find yourself playing the comparison game constantly

I can tell you that you can be at the top of your game, and still feel the pang of comparing yourself to someone else, and that sucks.  This is actually a big warning sign to me that it’s time to pivot, because when you’re in your element, there’s truly no distractions! 

You aren’t creating your best content

No matter what genre in the creative field you find yourself in, if you aren’t producing your best content, it’s time to pivot. Notice, I didn’t say quit, I said pivot. You are WAY too talented, and exerting WAY too much energy elsewhere, if you are not able to create your best content ever. 

So, you resonate with one of those feelings? Here’s how we’re going to combat it – 

Step One

You’re going to do the resource activity, and figure out where you’re actually falling in this cycle. What stage of your career are you at, and where are you trying to head? Don’t know where you want to head? RED FLAG – there’s a huge part of your issue. Your brand should constantly be pushing forward, pushing towards something – let’s get to the root of what it is. 

Step Two

You’re going to do the Pivot Breakout activity in the download, and figure out which pathway you can take – remember, these are just ideas, not definite. You should walk away from the guide feeling inspired to take your journey somewhere. 

Step Three

Still feeling overwhelmed? Schedule and invest in a one-hour splash session with me. Within this session we’ll discuss where you are, where you want to head, and come up with a game plan of how to get you there. If you’re interested in a splash session, you can e-mail me directly at hello@saciamatthews.com, and let’s figure out how to get you on the right track! 

Ready to do some work? Get your free download of The Pivot Roadmap here!

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