Indoor vs. Outdoor Boudoir Session


October 14, 2020

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A question that I’ve gotten recently is should you do an indoor or outdoor boudoir session? This is a challenging question to answer because the biggest thing is you need to put your privacy at the forefront.  This session will have you very vulnerable, and it’s important to me that you are in a place when I can help put you at ease, and you feel private and protected.  I’m going to give you some pros and cons of both types of boudoir sessions so you can make the best decision for you! 

I want to preface this by saying there’s also many factors at play here, like have you done a boudoir session before? Maybe you want to flip flop and try an indoor or outdoor depending on what you’ve already done.  Are you super comfortable with yourself or do you think you’ll want a little bit more privacy? 

Indoor Boudoir Sessions 


  • Completely private 
  • Climate controlled (trust me you don’t want to be too hot or too cold!) 
  • Familiar 
  • Can be easier to style if there’s a particular setup you’re looking for 
  • Flexible location options (studio, hotel, personal bedroom, etc.) 
  • Have an easy place for an on-location hair and makeup artist to style you 


  • Limited to 1-2 setups 
  • Traditional, been done before typically 
  • Harder to personalize to you and your session (if not happening within your home) 
  • Price (if having to rent a hotel room, etc)

Outdoor Boudoir Sessions


  • Unique location offerings 
  • Easy to customize to your style 
  • Super liberating (can you imagine your power woman stance in the middle of a lush garden?!) 
  • Great natural light
  • Can do so many more posing and locations  


  • Outdoor elements (bugs, weather, climate) 
  • No space for hair and makeup artist if they don’t have a salon option
  • Potential lack of privacy 
  • If you want to do implied nudity, it might not be allowed at a non-private location 

These are just a few things to consider as you try to plan your session.  If you’re interested in an outdoor session, I’m happy to discuss locations with you and help us come up with a game plan – as always, I’m willing to create the images you love with the boundaries you need to do it! 

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