Three Favorite Styling Tips

I’m sharing with you today my three favorite styling tips that work best for my clients and me.  I’m passionate about this, because for so long I was watching other educators put so much pressure and stress on styling, that it became nothing but overwhelming to me. And it took up a lot of space in my wedding kit when I’m carrying around bags on bags, and ALL THE THINGS to try to create this perfect detail/flat lay shot. When really, all I needed was to prep in advance and develop a system that let me get in and get out quickly on wedding days where a stylist is not present.

Tell the story 

Telling a story through your details is so valuable.  To be honest, these detail shots should add a little weight to the overall gallery, not just be something you mark off your list.  If you downloaded the free guide (get it here!) then you already know my thoughts on making sure your detail items make sense.  Should the shoes actually be with your invitation? Why are you doing that – because you saw someone else do it, or because it adds to the story in some way? Should you be wasting your time spinning the non-cooperating ribbon….how does it add to your shot at all? Why are you using ribbon, spool, and wax seals, which perhaps scream garden wedding, when your clients are having a tropical inspired destination wedding weekend? Figuring out the story of the overall wedding day is critical to creating an impactful detail shot. 

Find your sweet spot 

When I say sweet spot, I’m referring to find the ebb and flow that works for you when it comes to styling details.  You will NEVER be able to figure this out on wedding days – you’ve got to do the work at home.  Order a few sample invitation suites from your favorite stationers, and play at home with the styling kit I encourage you to always have on hand.  With these items, time yourself and start figuring out how you best work, the amount of time that you need, and the light that works best for your editing style.  Walking in unprepared to be able to style details the way you need on wedding days is the best way to create anxiety and angst at the beginning of the day.  It’s been a while since I’ve overheard myself say, “I’m not getting what I want here” while styling details, because I know and educate my clients on the type of space I need, the amount of time I need it, and have armed myself with the details I need on hand to create without feeling cluttered or overwhelmed.

Ask the right questions 

This is by far the most critical tip that I can share with you.  Ask your clients or their planner the right questions.  Before each wedding I am touching base with the planner on the couples overall design and aesthetics.  I ask to see the design board. I study the colors. I study their venue, the light, the other vendors, so that I can see the colors I’ll be working with, the inspiration from the clients (even outside of weddings – are you making sure to find out who your clients are and where they even draw their wedding inspiration from?).  I’m asking them to tell me the details that are most important to them (I also give them a curated list to check off), and I ask to see their stationery in advance so that either I can touch base with the stationer to get a perfectly untouched set of stationery, or so I can see the suite in its entirety before the day of the wedding.  I also am making sure I have my eyes on colors so I can bring the right styling surface, and IF there happens to be anything that I can pre-select that I know will add to the storyline of their detail shots, I can source in advance and bring it, instead of bringing every single styling item I’ve ever known. This is key! 

Again, styling details doesn’t have to be stressful, and I’m interested to know what’s the most stressful part for you? Make sure to download my free guide, and join the e-mail list so you can hear even more tips and tricks on styling details the anxiety-free way every single time! 

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