With an approach to artistry that is centered around being a team-player with the planner and client at the helm, Sacia has mastered the understanding that an incredible photo is not created, it emerges organically. This understanding must be rooted in trust between both the artist and the client, and an understanding of your story - the "why." 

Sacia is gifted in the task of documenting the moments that emerge on your wedding day that feel like you, because at the end of the day, it is her wish that you have a sense of nostalgia when you return to this story - never created, emerging organically.


How we lead is how we create


black-owned / female owned

flexible / unassuming


imperfection / vulnerability 

people-first / collaboration

intentional / honest

unconventional thinking

synergistic / unabated joy

enneagram 3

achiever / futuristic / maximizer